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Whatsapp New features

How you are doing well. Today iam so excited. Because through this article iam going to share some awesome details with you. I mean today we are not introducing an app. This app is tbe most common app for all of us. This app is available for android and iOS. The name of the app is WhatsApp. I think that I didn’t want to describe more about WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp is a part of all of our life now. Whatsapp recently bring some updates in their app and it’s really useful.

First Feature
The first feature in the new update is related to whatsapp audios. We also share some lengthy audios through whatsapp sometime. But it is very difficult or just like that to hear particular voice completely. But using the new feature you can ake to increase the play speed of audios like 1×, 1.5× and 2×.
Second Feature
Disappearing message is the second feature of whatsapp. This feature bis work like delete for everyone feature. Delete message for everyone is a manual feature. But disappearing message is a automatic feature. If you send images using this feature it will be automatically deleted once the recipient see the picture.
Third Feature
This is a very exciting feature. We all know that we can only able to use whatsapp app with a single number. I mean you are only able to use a mobile number for us Whatsapp once or in one app.But if you are using the latest version of whatsapp you can able to use a single number in five whatsapp apps in five different devices. This is really an useful feature for many people.
So these are the new updates of whatsapp. Try these features and share your feedback. See you soon with another tech update.


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