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WhatSaga | Story Split | Save Status Application

This absolutely a stunning application to make your so attractive and send them by splitting it to stunning one as per the requirement and regards..so it formly designed for the splitting the videos so vivid and relevant one…..

This application will help you to split the longest videos by 15 seconds and to send them to your friends…you can simply post longer video status by splitting them, save or share or statuses with others..so please be updated by this application

Whatsaga story split..is a tool to help post stories longer than 15 seconds by splitting them into parts of 15 second videos and sharing them all at once in a instant by choosing the correct one to make it so attractive and vivid..so please be aware and mind it for the better experience

By using this application it so simple to post a long video status to WhatsApp… You don’t need to cut them down manually,whatsaga will do it for you in an instant and share it to WhatsApp to make it so easier and so pretty to make it an attraction of the application to maintain the quality of the application

Splitting the longest videos is something necessary one in This current situation….to make status and to share it to with others as per the possible way to manage the items and necessary situations to help others as per the techonolical aspect and modern term..so it is better one to make it possible way and dedicating one for the better experience

So please download and install it for the better experience in splitting longest videos and making it so easy way in order to maintain the quality of the application as per the situation and other items so please be aware and Manage it to take advantage on it as per the requirement i
Of the application


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