Hi, today iam going to i an awesome app through this article. If you are active in social media this app is really an important and essential one for you. I think there is no need to mention social media users. Because now a days we are all social media users. Anyway let’s talk about the new app.

This is the name of this app. Whatscropping-  set the full size dp is the most relevant word to describe this app in one word. Now you may understand something about this app. Before briefing more about the app you want to know some things related to this app.

Profile photos
Like I mentioned above we are all social media users. Aps like whatsapp, instagram, facebook e.t.c are the part of of our daily life. While we use such apps upload our photos as profile picture. But in many cases we are unable to set the full photo as profile picture.But you can able to set the entire photo as profile picture using this app.That means you can able to resize the photo very easily using this app. You can also able to add many more filters to the photo from this app. There are also many more other features in this app which is really useful for photo resizing and editing.

After installing and use this app you can able to resize ay photos to the resolution of the social media app’s profile picture very easily. There are many similar apps. This is one of the best app among them. There are no complications in this app and in the resizing feature.

If you want to resize your photos try this app. Share your feedback after use this app.
See you soon with another tech update


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