We are all whatsapp like social media users. Whatsapp have many awesome features. You can able to send text, image, video, audio, sticker, GIF messages to anyone who have whatsapp. So today iam going to introduce a whatsapp related app. This is really a useful one for all who use whatsapp.

Voicey apk

This is the name of this app. There is hint in the name of this app itself it is related to voice. By using this app you can able to listen to the voice messages in whatsapp very easily.Now you may think that is this os the surprising feature of this app ? Don’t worry. This is not the important feature of this app.

Listen voice message without appear blue tick
While you send a voice message to someone through whatsapp a blue double tick will appear if they see your voice message and if they hear it the change of their near their profile picture will also change to blue colour.The meaning of such blue colour is the reciever is viewed or played the message. This is a common feature every whatsapp user know. The feature of this app is also related to this. Do you know how ? 

How this app works ?

You can able to hear the voice messages send by anyone whithout open whatsapp and turn the tick mark to blue colour. It is very simple.First of all install this app.

Then provide necessary permissions. After that you can able to see the voices from Voicey. Voicey will also create a folder with each day. So you can simply able to recognise voices of each day.

So that’s all about this voicy. Install this app and share your feedback.See you soon with another update.


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