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Wallet app free download

android lock.

android lock.The app we’re going to be familiar with today is the Wallet app.  Before that we were familiar with a lot of ballet applications.  A wide variety of wallet apps are available today from PlayStore and other websites.  What we are saying today is a wallet application that is very different from all of them. Once you have clicked on Get button PlayStore, you can go to Direct PlayStore.  Then you can download and install this app for free.Dialer Vault can help you to hide any app.

And maintain your privacy by hiding apps.Youcan open hide apps in Dialer Vault or your phone interface.Dialer Vault also provides a hidden photo function, your photos are imported into the gallery, others can’t see these images. You can browse image protection in hider’s gallery. App Properties: This app can be displayed in the form of a student panel when someone else is looking. Similarly, android lock

wallet app free download

this wallet can make the app easy to install and hide. The app is also use to hide photos, videos and audio clips on the phone. Therefore, others can detect any data on our phone. Many people may ask us about an app like this, so it can be very useful.android lock The first time to start or in a protected state, do not need pin can enter the Dialer Vault.Open the application to set the password. Then you can start using the hidden app

If you want to learn more about this app, you can go to the Play Store by clicking on the link below. One thing to note is that this app can only be use by people who use Android. This type of app for people who use an iPhone or any other software is something we’ll discuss later or contact us directly but send us a link. How to add an app to Dialer Vault? In the hidden display interface, click the Add app button, and you can see the phone within the app, select the app to add to Dialer Vault-App Hider, click the App Import button. Don’t forget to share your opinion about this app with us, and if you like this app, please share it with others at Frends

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