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Voice Dialer Application

Hello everyone, today iam here to introduce q very useful app for all smartphone users. Actually this is an Android app. Do you think that we only introduce android applications through this website. No, we also introduced many iOS tips through this website. Check it out for more details.

Do you know one thing ? There will be a supplementary app for the android apps in app store. That means there will be a same app in iOS similar to the features of the android app.

Anyway let’s talk about the new app. Th name of this app is VoCaller. You may not understand nothing about this app while see the name. But there is a very special and useful feature in this app. If you want to know more about them read this article completely.

Voice call assist

This is the first feature of this app. That means normally what will you do for make a call in your smartphone. First of all you will search or dail the number and then make the call. It is a little bit difficult to search and scroll to find the exact contact that you want to call. This will be more difficult when you are in some activities like driving. Using smartphone while driving is really risk. But you can able to solve this issue by install this app in your smartphone. After install this app you didn’t want to pick your smartphone to place your call while you are in any activities.

How it works

After you set up this app you just want to double click on the power button to enable the feature of this app. That means you just want pronounce the name of the contact that you want to call after press double click on the power button.

When you say the name VoCaller app will recognise it very fastly and it will make the call.

By using this app you can also able to switch on the speaker while you are in a call.
Another attractive feature of this app is it will also work if your smartphone is locked or the screen is turned off.

You can also able to customise many things in this app. So that’s all about this app. This app is very useful one for many people like the people can’t able to pick up smartphone e.t.c.

Install the app from the ‘ download now ‘ button appear below this post. Don’t forget to share your feedback after install and use this app.

See you again.


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