Hi guys, today I am going  to introduce special application for our subscribers.I am definitely sure that all the features of this application will really you. Because this application provides some extra ordinary features for you. You will really get damaged when you know more about it.

Voice access

Actually this is a voice access application developed by Google. so this application is didn’t developed by any third parties. It is developed by Google. So you can easily able to understand that this application is really and awesome one.

About the features

Thiss application is really an useful one for everyone who own a smartphone. But one of the great attraction about this application is some particular type of people can use this application for a special purpose.Assistant

This application will act like an assistant for some people. That means people like physically injured can’t able to use their smartphone very well. Also must want to use their smartphone for many important purposes. But what can they do for that ? 
They can able to do almost all the activities on their smartphones using their voice.

Google assistan

This app is also like Google assistant and it’s features. But the reality is this application provide more awesome and useful features other than the Google assistant. if you want to open any applications you just want to say to open particular application. For example if you want to open the WhatsApp, I just want to say ” open WhatsApp ” . Thunder WhatsApp application will be open. Likewise we can able to do all the things using your voice commant.
if you want to go to the next page from any particular page, you just want to say that ” tap next ” .
You can also able to use your voice command to go back to home, for back button e.t.c. if you want to scroll a page you are just want to say ” scroll down ” . 
This application also have another awesome feature. That is if you already type a word using your voice command and if you want to change it by saying that replacing the particular word with another word. For example if you want to replace the word WhatsApp to Facebook, just want to say replace WhatsApp with Facebook.
Voice assistant for pc
Actually Google assistant is available for PC. You can able to know almost all the above mentioned things using Google assistant in pc. So the people who use their PC more than their smartphone can use to google assistant for some above-mentioned features.
How to install
you can easily able to install this application by clicking on the ” download now ” button appear below this post.
I am definitely sure that many people are searching for this type of application. So install this application for understanding more about this application and experience the awesome features of this application.
See you soon with another update.


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