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Type Keeper application

Hello everyone, what’s up. Hope you are all going well. Today we are going to reduce a very useful application for all Android smartphone users. I’m definitely sure that you will install this app when you read this article completely.

Because the features of this app is really awesome and useful. I think you may not use such an app before. That’s why I share this app for you. Like I mentioned before we are always ready to introduce new and useful apps amd website for you. Anyway let’s talk about today’s app.

Type Keeper

This is the name of this app. Can you able to guess anything about this app from the name of this app ? Don’t worry. I will help you. You just want to read this article completely.
While you use your smartphone you may write many things in it or you may copy many contents from many apps or websites to paste somewhere. But in some cases the copied text will lose sue to many reasons. For example if you copy a text to paste somewhere. But unfortunately you copy another text before paste the first text. So the first copied text will lose automatically. If that will be an important one it is really a difficult task.

But if you are an user of this app you will not lose any of the copied texts. All such texts will be automatically saved in this app with date and time.
This is really an useful feature. If you are doing the jobs like copy paste jobs or something like that this app is a really useful one for you.
So that’s all about this app. Try this app and share your feedback.
See you again with another tech update


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