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Translate anything on screen

Hello, what’s up. Hope you are doing well. Today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. This app is really an useful one fir all smartphone users. Because I’m definitely sure that you are searching for such an app. So read this article completely to understand a the details of this app.

Text copy app

Text copy is the name if this app. You may understand from the name of the app itself that this app is related to something like translation or any such feature. Your guess is absolutely right. But there is a small different.

This is not a normal translation app. This app have some extra features more than the features of normal and simple translation apps.

Text copy means you can able to translate any text to the supported languages in this app.

Floating icon

This is the main attraction of this app which make this app and it’s features more easier. Do you know how it works ?

If you want to translate any text you just want to tap on the floating icon. At that time the floating icon will capture all the text on the screen. After that you can able to to enter to this app and select the language that you want to translate the text.

Copy from anything

You can also able to copy the text from many things. They are given below.


So that’s all about this app. Install and use this app. Share your feedback it.

See you again with another tech update


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