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Transcribe Application

Hi guys, the apps we introduced through this website are really useful and awesome. So today we are going to add another app to the list of best apps that we introduced through this website.
Iam definitely sure that this app is really an useful one for each and everyone who own a smartphone.
This app is more suitable to students and the people in a particular sector. I think you didn’t understand nothing now. But don’t worry. I will give you a detailed review of this app. So to know more about this app read this article completely. This app use to Transcribe

The name of this app is ” live transcribe ” . I think someone got a small idea about this app while you see the name of this app. If you think that this is a transcriber app, you are right. This app will help you to use transcribe feature.


But the features of this app will not end with the transcribe feature. This app also provide many awesome features for you.
Like i said this app is an useful one for students. Because using this app they can able to make notes on their smartphone by reading it. So it will help students to make their learning more easier.
This app is also an useful one for content creators. They can able to use this app to type the content by reading it.

Another feature of this app will really make you wonder. That is , this app will help you to recognize various sounds around your smartphone while you open this app. In this feature the app show the name of the sound or the object that produce particular sound. This is really a nice feature. Iam definitely sure that majority of our readers may mot be use such an app before.While you saying the sentences it will capture by this app fastly and it will converted into text very fastly. This app support almost 80 languages and dialects.

You can also able to save the transcriptions you created through this app upto three days. This will help you to copy it and paste it on somewhere. For copying the text you just want to hold on the text and select it. After that copy it and paste it in the particular place. You can also able to add custom words that you use frequently. Another feature of this app is really surprising.

That is you can able to set like your smartphone vibrates when someone say your name from the near of your smartphone. This app also capture accurately the nounces of how words are used in context. So these are the features of this app.If you want to know more about this app and it’s features, install and use the app now.
Don’t forget to post your feedback of this app.


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