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Touch Protecter Application

Hello guys, welcome back to another tech update….. today I am going to introduce a vary and special application.. that is Touch locker touch protector screen Touch locker ……it is designed for locking your smartphone while you’re listening the music Or watching the videos….

This application provides you a plenty of features and advantages….
It reduces the Touch on your screen while you are engaged with entertainment…also it gives you prevention and protection…it prevents unlimited touches on screen… while you are engaged with music and videos…..

It also lets you to prevent your children From touching and using the smartphone… that is why it is known as’ child lock screen’ by this feature…users can watch videos without unitended Touch issue…… you can also watch your favourite videos From YouTube and other medias….by avoiding unwanted touch on your mobile screen…

I introduce some simple steps to use the app…

  • Open the Touch Lock app….
    2:. Tap on Start notification
  • Lock & unlock Touch screen from notification..
    By doing this steps it will opened in your smartphone then it’s get active..it block all unwanted touches after

Features & advantages
*Lock Touch screen while you are engaged with videos and music
*It will rapidly active or deactivate the Lock from
*You can listen The music with screen look to reduce the battery consumption..

  • Most relevant feature is this allows the child lock…as a special gift and protect. Children From using the and touching…

These are the relevant features and informations about the screen look application…..I guess you understand it well….. you can significantly listen the music and watch videos with avoiding the unwanted touches on screen….by using this application….
I extremely hope your valuable feedback and comments after using this application…..see you soon with another tech update…by


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