Hello friends, welcome back to another tech update, hope you all fine…. today we are going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is” texpand: text expander…it is formly designed for saving your time in typing… and using
your phone….

This application provides a plenty of advanced and relevant features and specifications….the main highlight of this application…..is type less… you can Do more..response instantly…..it is highly appreciated feature of this application…you can save your time in typing… other clicking in your smartphone you can escape from tired of typing the same text … your phone number,stock replies…. over and over…

Textpand helps you to improve your ideas and enthusiasm for being addicted to the amazing concentration of this feature….

This an unbelievable application that you Can just set up a short cut and whenever you type that….it will replace it with a longer phrase,may be it may considered a tool to saving your efforts and time….it will enhance your confidence in making your Time precious and valuable..

Features and advantages

  • You can simply create a short for frequently used phrases…
  • It supports all key boards..
  • You can simply change your ideas based on short cut case…
  • It is a highly customised application
  • You can insert data, time.clipboard contents and more…..
  • It provides backup/ restore phrases
  • It supports on dark mode also..

These are available information about mentioned application…you got it well…we hope your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application…..see you soon with another tech update..


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