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Test Your Mobile by using this app

Test Your Mobile

Test Your Mobile .The world of applications is acquire a well development on each day.Now a days. You may use many different types of applications in your smartphone which provide many different types of attractive and useful functions. So today I would like to introduce an outstanding application for you and iam sure that this is a very useful application for each and every smartphone.

The name of the application is ‘TEST YOUR MOBILE’.By seeing the name of the application. Ithink you may understand about the functions of this application. In short this application contain all the features that provide a care for smartphone. Now,let’s look at to the features of this application.The first feature of this application is ‘mobile test’. By using this feature you can able to test the problems of your smartphone if you feel something like that. This features includes many sub features.The first one among them is ‘battery test’.

how to test Mobile by using this app

This feature help you to find any problems regarding g your battery and ‘battery health. The second one is ‘wifi test’ and the third feature is ‘flash test’.In this test. You can able to find the problems of your flashlight. If there is no problem with your flashlight,i t will glow in this test.

The next features is ‘GPS’ and’ camera test. If you select this OPTION it will switch on the both front and back cameras of your smartphone and confirm that there is problem. The next feature is ‘screen test’ and it will help you to find any problems regarding your smartphone’s screen if you feela comfortableness while using your smartphone.

how to volume test mobile phone

The next three features are ‘volume test‘,’speaker test’ and ‘mic test. And it will help you to find any problems in these things of your smartphone very easily.
‘Vibration test’ is the next feature. After selecting this feature,a particular number of vibrations will be occurred and you should submit the number of vibrations occurred and it will help you to findany problems regarding the vibration mode of your smartphone.

mobile phone touch test

Multi touch test,sensors,compass test,step counter test,audio jack test,home button test. Power button test,call test,cellular network are the some other tests of these applications and it will help you to find any problems regarding the above mentioned from your smartphone.

One of the other important feature of this Test Your Mobile application is ‘secret codes’. In this option you can able to see all the codes that help you to do all the tests about your smartphone like Display,RAM,storage,touch,power button,sound button and all the other things of your smartphone.

The next main feature of this application is ‘device info’.In this feature you will get all the details of your smartphone like name,model,storage,RAM,telephony,battery info and sensors.
App manager is the next feature of this application and it will help you to manage all the applications in your smartphone. Next feature is ‘app lock’.It will help you to provide lock for all the applications in your smartphone.

In the next feature tools,it includes the features like
internet speed check,QR code,f lash light,unit converter,sound recorder,call recorder and CPU monitor. All this application help you very much to your smartphone.

screen recorder testing easy

NEXT ‘screen recorder’.It will help you to record the smartphone screen very easily. So these are the useful features of this application. The main attraction of this application,it is. a low size application with a number of useful and attractive features. So i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone for the well being of your smartphone.

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