Hello friends welcome back to another tech update.. hope you all fine today I am going to introduce a glorious and advanced level of application that is Tellurium..No contacts WhatsApp..it is formely designed and developed for message anyone on WhatsApp without saving their contact

This is a awesome application which provides you a plenty of features and advantages.. We hope you will be protected and… you can simply chat and text what you want to your favourite contacts without saving their contact as much as possible for you to build up it for the better experience…on the way of your life

By using Tellurium a whatsapp addon by Quarden….it allows you to message people without saving their contacts first .. you can enter the number into the app along with the country code..and hit send Tellurium will handle the work in the background as much as possible for you…. and will use the WhatsApp API to redirect you to the correct number…and it will installed for you as much as possible for you…

It provides you the extra ordinary benefits for you as you wish to manage it.. Tellurium will handle the work in the background and will use the WhatsApp API to redirect you to the correct number as you wish…it will turn in to the security system towards the same range as much as possible for you…to build up it for you.. so it is absolutely designed for the extra ordinary system…. you should carry out that for Tellurium to work, whatsapp must be installed and never can be protected

We ensure highly recommend features and advantages for you…we also provide highly effective security system no one can to make an access to the this application without your permission and consent… so it’s very elegant and advanced… please install and use it for the better experience on your WhatsApp to chat and text with others without saving their contact information and number

These are relavent information about above mentioned application.. We hope you guys got it well..we externmaly expect your valuable feedback comments and replays after installing this application.see you soon with next tech update


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