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All of you are familiar with many different types of apps. We introduced many useful app through this website. Today iam going to introduce another awesome VIDEO COMPRESSOR 2020 is really an useful one for all smartphone users especially to the people who use old type of smartphones.First of all let me introduce the name of this app. It is ” proton video Compressor ” . I think that you cana able to catch a little bit about this app while you read the name of this app. All of you keep many important videos in your smartphone . And dome people use smartphone having a little bit of internal storage. Due to this people who own this type of smartphones can’t able to keep many large size files and videos in their smartphone. So they were forced to delete many important files and videos from their smartphone. Anyway this is really a big problem. ¬†fast and efficient video compressor that can compress and resize large video files and easily share them saving your internet data and internal or external storage. But don’t worry. Here is a solution for this problem. That means this app will help you to compress …

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