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NO LAST SEEN WHATSAPP.Majority people who use smartphone must use whatsapp.Whatsapp is a very essential part of the people now. You may use whatsapp for chat with your friends,family members and to your loved ones. While you use whatsapp,sometime you want to hide your last seen,online,profile photo e.t.c. You do all these things for hide the above mentioned things from the strangers or the people you hate. So today we are going to introduce an awesome application that will help you for this purpose. The name of this application is “Gb chat off”. The main aim of this app is hide your profile from strangers. But this is not the only feature of this app. Another features of this app will really attract you to install this app. NO LAST SEEN WHATSAPP By using this app,you can able to read the messages that you receive without open whatsapp. This is the best feature of this app. If you do like this,the message sender can’t able to recognize that you read the message or not. By using this feature you can also able to see the photos and voice messages also. Iam sure that this feature of this app is really …

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