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There are different types of app lock applications in play store. By installing such type of applications,you can able to set a lock for the applications in your smartphone.So,by set a lock to your applications,you can able to secure your all applications like whats app,Facebook,games,gallery e.t.c.So today I would like to introduce an entirely different app lock application. This application is not like other app lock applications.It provide you some other attractive features and the common features of other app lock applications. The name of the application is ‘ULTRA LOCK’.After install this application,provide a pin number.After that select the applications in your smartphone that you want to set a lock.After that just close the application and open any applications that you set the lock.You can able to open the application only after provide the correct pin number. The next feature of this application is an attractive one.That is,you can also able to set the fingerprint lock in this application.When you use fingerprint lock instead of the pin Number lock,it ensure more secure to your applications. The next feature of this application is one of the best feature provided by this application.You can able to move photos and videos to this …

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