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Hi guys, today I am here to introduce a SCREEN LOCK application and its features for you. If you are a smartphone user Like everytime this application is also is very useful in your daily life. Actually this is an Android app. If you think that we only introduce Android applications and tips through this website, it’s not like that. We also introduced many different types of iOS application tips and tricks through this website. Check it out our website to see it. Screen lock application There is no need to explain more about screen lock feature. There are many different types of applications which provide screen lock feature. There are different types of screen locks are available all type of smartphones. They are given below Pattern lockPin numberPasswordFace lockFingerprint These are the types of locks that you know. But this is not only the screen locks. There are also some other locks. May be you are not familiar with them. Don’t worry. I will help you to understand that. Time password Do you know what is time password ? May be you are unfamiliar with this. Don’t worry. I will give you a brief on it. So for understanding …

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