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Hi guys,today i would like to introduce an entirely different application for you. This application gave importance to your privacy.Now a days,majority of the people use whats app in their smartphone. By haking whats app you can able to chat and share anything with your friends very easily. But is whats app is not only a common chatting application. But also it become an important part of each and every smartphone user. People begin to discuss important and official matter through whats app. So whats app is an important thing in our life.So it is essential to make it more secure one and encrypted one. Other ways our chatting will be revealed through some ways.This application will help you for that.The name of this application is ‘LOCKER FOR WHATS APP CHAT‘.I think you may understand about the features of this application when you see the name of the application. Whatsapp chat locking application Whats app provide you a fingerprint lock feature in it’s last update.But it only provide lock to the whats-app application,not to the chats. But by using this application you can able to set a lock to any chats very easily.After install the application in your smartphone,just open …

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