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Hi guys, today iam here to a very useful application for you. We introduced many years for application through this website and we definitely sure that all such applications are really useful one for you. likewise today also we are going to introduce an awesome application which every people want to use in their smartphone at least for a single time.Before describing more about the app let me introduce the name of this application. It is ” record WhatsApp calls ” . I am definitely sure that you able to understand a little thing about this application after see the name of this application. Yes, your assumption is right. Actually this is a call recording app. But the calls recorded by this app is not normal calls. But it is WhatsApp calls. you may see and use many different types of application for recording the normal calls. But do you ever seen an app for recording WhatsApp calls. Many people didn’t know about this type of feature. Sorry this article completely to know more about this application. How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iPhone First of all I will tell you how to use this application. After install …

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