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Hide smartphone’s screen while workingHi guys, what’s up ! Are you waiting for another review of some awesome applications? If your reply is yes, you will get it today the review that you waiting for. So today we are going to add another awesome application to the list of applications that we introduced through this website.One of the important thing about this application is there is no exception in the case of the smartphone users who can install this application. Because this application is very useful one for everyone who use a smartphone. Because the features provided by this application is applicable to all types of smarrtphones.Actually this is an android application. Screen hiding Do you know what is screen hiding feature ? Screen hiding is a feature which help you to  save battery very much. And you can also use this application for many other purposes. But many people are not aware about this feature and the apps that provide this type of features.So read this article complete for understand all the details and features of this app. While you use many applications in your smartphone like games it will definitely affect the battery. That means while you play some games of high graphics …

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