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Digital Clock & Battery Charge

Hi guys, today I am going to introduce a very useful and interesting application for you. Iam definitely sure that you may not see such an application before. Because the features and the functions of this act is really interesting. That’s why we introduced this application for our readers. The name of this application is ” digital clock and battery charge ” .you may understand that this application is related to things like clock when you read the name of the application.your guess is right. But the features of this application is not only that but also this application is also provide meaning awesome features for you.In short we can say that this application will help you to enable many awesome features in your smartphone.Actually this is a live wallpaper application.It also contains the features like main feature Digital Clock & Battery Charge Date and time digital clock.Platform informationDevice basic informationSensor informationCompassExternal memory usageInternal memory usage This app with speaking clock is ideal for all cyclists, car drivers, sport persons, visually impaired persons or all persons who are currently not able to take a look on their watch.The speaking clock can be triggered by double tapping the screen of the …

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