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All your Chats in One Application

Hi guys, what’s up ! hope you are going good. Today iam going to introduce a special application for you and the features of particular application is really interesting and surprising.Iam definitely sure that all people who own a smartphone must want to install this app because like I mentioned above the features if this app will really help you.All your Chats in One App I thi k you didn’t understand anything now about the app which we are going to introduce today.The name of the app is ” DM me ” . Do you understand anything about this app when you see the name of the app. But.don’t worry. I will help you to find more details about the features of this app. Almost all the people who own a smartphone use the social media apps like whatsapp, facebook, messenger, instagram, telegram, signal e.t.c.So when there is more contacts in your contact list and all of them use different type s of above mentioned apps what will you do ? Suppose if you want to send an urgent message to anyone and you search his / her name in whatsapp. But you can’t able to find it. That means …

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