application locker.

application locker.The app I’m introducing to you today. An application that is installe on your mobile phone is a pattern lock or finger lock or an app that secures applications with pin. A lot of apps like this are available on Play Store and other websites today. Let’s see what are the main features of this application,WhatsApp. Youtube .Facebook installed on your mobile phone with password.

The app became possible through the app, which prevents the gallery from being displayed to others. An important feature of this app is that if someone accesses your app, they take their photos and send them to your mail.Add the fingerprint feature in this app, it has become easy for anyone to use.You can even hide the fact that the app lock with a fake error window ation locker.

application locker.

Typically, when we use other lock-in applications, we notify the world what apps are out there and what their status is. But using this app does not come with any such notification in the top bar of your mobile phone. So when someone looks at your mobile phone, they have no idea what app is lock. And you can avoid the hassle of occasionally notification,Scalable pattern size up to 18×18 than the existing simple 3×3 pattern.AppLock provide a variety of features and detailed options than simple feature in other app.

application locker is ready for this kind of highly improve patternlock, Smart Lock.Lock only specific time or auto-unlock when connect to specific WiFi or Blutooth. You can get a lot of futures like this once you use this app. First I presented to you only the most important peas cases. Click the Get PlayStore button below to learn more about this app and install it on your mobile phone. If you like, you can go to the Play Store and download the app.

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