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Social media hide application.We use many type of social media applications in our smartphone like whatsapp,facebook and instagram.When we use these applications,we may chat with our friends.At that time,if we read a message that our friends send to us,a blue tick will appear below the message that we read.So,

with the help of the blue tick your friends can easily able to understand that you read the message or not.And when you are in online,your friends can able to see it in their smartphone.If you are not in online,your friends can able to see the last scene of you.

So these are the features of these social media applications.But,sometimes this feature become a un useful one for someone.That means,someone want to hide their last scene and blue tick from their friends.In this case,this Social media hide application will help you to enjoy these attractive and outstanding features.This application will help you to hide your last scene and blue tick very easily.

Now,i will describe about the method of working of this application.After install the application,just give all the permissions.After that all the messages that you will receive from social media applications like whatsapp will automatically moved to this application.
So you can able to see your whatsapp messages and other social media application’s messages from this application.If you are a user of this application,your friend can’t able to recognize that you readed the message.

T his is one of the useful feature of this application.By using this application,you can also able to enjoy your photos,videos and audios leaving the double blue check notice.And you can also able to hide your personal and important photos and videos with this application.

So these are the important and attractive features of this application.It will really a helpful one for all social media users especially to who would like to protect and hide their privacy.If you want to enjoy these features of this application,i recommend you to install this application.
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