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Smartphone Specifications Finder

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce a very useful application for you. Iam definitely sure that this application is really an useful one for all Android smartphone users. So read this article completely to understand each and everything details of this application.


This is the name of this application. I tgink you may not understand nothing about this app when you read the name of this application.

This application is a very useful one for all smartphone users like mentioned above. But this app is more suitable for the people who are ready to buy a smartphone. Do you think that how can this app become a useful one when you buy a smartphone.


You are little bit confused when you decide to buy a new smartphone. Because there are many different types of smartphones having different types of features. The internal storage, camera quality, RAM, refresherator e.t.c are the most considered things by a customer while buy a new smartphone.

So if you shortlisted two smartphones and if you want to finalise one among them you can use this application. If you select the smartphones that you want to shortlist, you can able to see the features and specifications of two particular smartphones.

So you can easily able to compare two smartphones and select one among them.
If you are a going to buy a new smartphone install the spectify application.

See you soon with another tech update


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