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Hello everyone. Welcome back to another post of searchjobz.com. in this post we are going to introduce a very useful application for everyone who use an Android smartphone.
If you are an Android smartphone user you must want to install this application in your smartphone. because the features provided by this application is really awesome and it will be useful in many cases.
This application is not only provide a single feature. But also this application provide a bulk of useful features for your Android smartphone.I am definitely sure that you will definitely install this application after understand all the details regarding this application. Sorry this article completely to get and understand all the details and features of this application.

Smart tools

Smart tools good tools application

This is the name of this application. like mention in the name of this application this application is like a smart tools. Are thinking that what type of tools are provided by this application for assisting a smartphone ? Actually the tools provided by this application are smart tools. That means you can able to to bring or unite many different types of features available in many different application into to a single application.
So by doing this or install this application you just want to to open this Android application for getting many different types of smart tools available in in many different types of applications.
I will give you a brief about this application and the smart tools provided by this application through this article. So read this article completely.
The name of this application is ‘ smart tools GPS tools ‘ . So let’s discuss about the first smart tool provided by this application.


GPS tools is the first tools provided by this application. In this section you will get three important features. They were given below.
1) Altimeter2) Magnometer3) Speedmeter
I think you know about these free features and how it works. So let’s go to the next section.


The QR scanner section provide all the features related to QR code, QR code scanner e.t.c.
The first tool available in this section is ‘ generate QR ‘ . QR code is used to many important purposes on these days.So you can able to create a QR code using this feature.Other features available in this section are 
Scan QRScan imageHistorySettings
So i think you understand that all the smart tools and smart tools section provided by this application are really awesome and useful one. Read the below sentences to understand all the smart tools available in this application.
So the other smart tools provided by this application are given below.
1) Common tools2) Essential tools3) Maths and finance4) Date and time5) Measuring units and sizes6) Travelling tools7) Premium tools8) Science and tech9) Sound tools10) Health tools11) Other tools

These are the other smart tools available in this application. Iam definitely sure that all these smart tools are really useful one in many different cases. You can able to use these smart tools in many different situations.
So what are you waiting for ? All the smart tools are available in this application. So intall and try this application now to experience the one and each features of this application.
See you soon with another tech update


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