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Slyfone whatsapp Dialer

I think it’s been a while we met. Bu don’t worry. Here iam with a new app called Slyfone. I think this app may be strange to majority people. But don’t worry. It’s my job to introduce such things to you and that’s why iam here.

Skyline is a  very useful app for all smartphone users. Before introducing the features of this app i would like to share some basic things for you. It will help you to catch the content of this app when you read the basic things for the first time
We are all smartphone users.

We use many different types of social media apps in our smartphone. Whatsapp is one among them. We use whatsapp for chat and call with people. You must want to save a phone number in your smartphone to send message through whatsapp to them. In some case you can also able to message to someone without save their number.

That means if you message to a remember in a whatsapp group including you, you can able to send message to them without having their phone number.
But this app will help you to do three things in whatsapp without saving phone number. They are given below.
1) Send Message ( All types in whatsapp )2) Whatsapp Voice call3) Whatsapp Video call
You can able to call to someone through whatsapp without saving their number. This is really an useful feature.
Other features
You can also able to create a virtual number which act exactly same as normal numbers from this app by buy a plan. You can use particular number for all the purpose like call, message, register in social media apps e.t.c.
So that’s all about Slyfone app. Share your feedback after install and use Slyfone app.
See you soon with another one.


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