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Shortcut Maker Application

Hi guys, today iam going to introduce a Shortcut Maker Application. I think you may not see such an app before. Because the features of this app is entirely different.
The name of the app is “shortcut maker”. I think you may understand about the feature of this app now. But the original features of this app is beyond your expectations.

Shortcut Maker Application

That means if you visit a website and if you want to visit particular website recently. You may add it in your home screen in the form if shortcut. If you do like that you can able to visit the website anytime without visit the website through any search engine.

All of you are well familiar with this feature.
But this app also have an another attractive feature. That means by using this app you can able to create shortcut of anything like apps,folders,files,contacts,websites,intents e.t.c.


That means if you install Shortcut Maker Application you can able to create shortcut of all the above mentioned things very easily. If you want to create the sub options of any apps like ecommerce apps. It can also done with the help of this app.
So if you want to open a sub option in an app and if it is difficult to find out. Just create a shortcut if particular option and you can able to open it from your home screen itself.

You can also use this app to launch an actvity from installed app.
Apps and Activities: Create shortcut of installed apps and activities.

You can also able to create the shortcut of contats and it will help you to call them fastly. without search in the contact list.
If you want to add the shortcut of anything in your smartphone, I recommend you to install this app in your smartphone.