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Send self-destructing encrypted messages

Hello friends, welcome back to another tech update.. hope you all fine.. today I am going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is”self desturcting text messages and files.Ramina…it is formly designed to send self desturcting encrypted messages and files to anybody…

This is a awesome and prominent application which provides you a plenty of features and advantages..you can text and send self desturcting encrypted messages and related files to anyone to your friends by using this application…you will be so amazed and so happy after using this application…no matter how you wonder about it

It is a message and file upload service..it allows you to send messages and files via a special link that can only be opened once….the main highlight of this application is it doesn’t need to be installed on the recipients device to access the message or files… your messages and related will be transmitted via this application without any more

The another highlighting feature is your all messages will be secure and protective….you want no more worries about it… the all related messages and files are securely encrypted with military grade encryption (AES 256) inside the app..once you have been uploaded to the server they are kept in the RAM temporarily.. shutting down the server would result in losing the current data for ever no more worries about it…

The main steps to operate the application:
Step 1: write secrete message and/or select fille(s) for upload
Step 2: click create secrete
Step 3 copy the link and share it with your recipient.
After completing this process you will get more advantages and advanced level features from the application…we are sure that you will be protected and secure while using this application

These are relavent and distinguished informations about above mentioned application.. We hope you guys got it well..and also We expect your valuable feedback, comments and replays after installing this application…see you soon with next tech update..by


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