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Self Destructing Text Messages

Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a very useful and surprising app for you. The name of the app is “ramnia”. You may not understand the features and details of this app while you see the name of this app.

Self Destructing Text Messages
Sometime you want to share some important files to someone and it should be very private and secret. For this purpose you can use this app.That means you can able to
Create a very secret file with the help of this app within seconds.
In this feature you can also able to include images,videos,files, documents e.t.c. That is the important feature of this app. But this app also provide some other secure and important features which will make the files more secure one.

Now i will describe more about this app and how to use it. First of all install this app in your smartphone. After that open it and you can able to see a new interface.

Atatch a file which you want to create. After that set a password for your file. This password will help to open the file. You can also able to set the destruction time. That means if you set six days as destruction time,the created file will be automatically delete after six days.
The messages and files are securely encrypted with military guide encryption ( AES-256 ) inside the app. So the files created through this app is highly encrypted.
If someone who need to open and download the file,they didn’t want to download the app.
So if you want to secure your file and send it anyone securely,install this app in your smartphone.

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