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Selection – Screenshot & Crop

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce a very useful app for you. This app and it’s features are entirely different from other apps and features that we introduced through this website.
You may not see such a feature before. Before introducing the name of this app, i want to tell something to you. This application is specially made for the people who use particular types of smartphone. Are you confused ? Don’t worry. I will help you to know more about this app. Now a days majority of the people own new type of smartphones. But some people own old type of smartphones.

While we use the smartphone, sometime we want to take the screenshot of some important details or anything like that in the smartphone. For that what will you do ? If you own an old type of smartphone you may press the powe button, home button and volume button at a single time to take a screenshot. Sometime it is a difficult task and in some cases it will not work properly.
In new smartphones you just want to slide on the screen to take screenshot. But it will also didn’t work properly if there is any problem with the screen or touch.
In short we can say that this app is a very useful app for the people who own type of smartphone.
After install this app you can easily able to capture screenshot. For that first of all install this application in your smartphone. Then open it and provide necessary permissions. After that open the notification bar and touch on the notification of this app. At that time itself the screenshot will be taken by this app. You can also able to crop and share the screenshot from this app itself.
Try this app if you are interested with the features of this app. Post your feedback after use this app.

click here to install this application

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