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Secure your whats app chat by using this app

Secure your whats app chat

Hi friends,today i would like to introduce a very useful application for you.The name of the application is ‘LOCKER FOR WHATS CHAT APP’.This application is a useful one for all whatsapp users.If you want to make your Secure your whats app chat ,this application will help you.

There are somany applications for set locks for all applications in your smartphone including social media applications like whatsapp.But any one of them didn’t provide a feature for set lock for the whatsapp contacts.But if you are a user of this application,you can able to set lock for your chat with your whatsapp contacts.

Through whatsapp,we may discuss many important matters and personal matters with our friends and with others.We want to keep this Secure your whats app chat .The one and only solution for it is install this application in your smartphone.This application have somany attractive features.Firstly,you can able to set locks for whatsapp application and also with whatsapp contacts using a pin number.

Sometime,our friends or others take our phone and open our whatsapp,they can able to read our chatting with our friends.But if you set a pin number for a particular contact or to more contacts,they can’t able to open that.

When we use social media applications like whatsapp,we must gave importance to our privacy.This application is developed for this purpose.This is a low size application.So anyone,who have only a less space in his/her smartphone,they can also able to install this application.This application contain intuitive design and it is very easy to use interface.

When you use this application,it will ask only a few permission to run this application smoothly.Now,i will describe about the method of working of this application.After install the application,open it.And set a pin number.This lock is used to open your whatsapp and chats.After that provide your email for recovery purpose.

By using this feature,If you forgot your password you can able to backup it easily.If you done all these things,grant accessibility permissions to start and use the application.After that click the ‘+’ button below the screen.At that your whatsapp will be opened and select the contacts that you want to lock.

So these are the features of this application.If you want to secure your whatsapp and important chats,i recommend you to install this application.

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