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Secure Massage Application

Hello friends,
Some times we are afraid to send some personal secrets to other. Because a lot of hackers hackers exist today in the world. Some time we can be a business man or a person of high status. So our enemies will try to destroy us with them by hacking our secret messages.

So today we are talking about a super site. This site will save us from such headache problems. This site’s name is privnote.com.
Privnote is a free web it will make it possible for you to send top secret messages to others over the internet. It is very easy process and no need to user registration and password.

This web’s process is :
Write a message and you will get a link. Then you copy and paste into an email ( or instant message )that you send to the person. If that person touch that link for one time the link will automatically fade away. So no one can read it. Even the one who is sent can do it only once. The link won’t work anymore.
This site has received EV quality SSL certificate. So no other privnote sites. Because
Many other sites claim to be privnote but there is not other privnote web.
In order to get EV quality SSL certificate, a lot of things have to be printed achieved on that site like that site needed physical existence and operating existence. And verifies that the business works with regulated financial institutions.and needed domain name rights and exclusive name rights to its claimed domain.

So dears it is useful for all people. With this site we can message a person without fear and it will not last after reading that person who you want to read that message and automatically auto-destruct. So no one can read that message after that. If you want this web please click the link given below
Thank you all

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