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Secret Browser Application

Welcome back to another tech episode of searchjobz. Today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. Actually this is a very surprising app. Because you can’t able to believe the features of this app. You may not see such an app before. But the basic feature of this app is most common one. But this app also have one another attractive feature and it’s really surprising.

Secret Browser

This is the name of this app.  You may not able to identify anything about this app from the name of this app.
Actually this is a browser app. Not a normal browser. It’s a secret browser app.

Different between normal and secret browser apps
In the case of normal browsers like chrome all your datas will be stored in the browser like password, history etc. 
But in the case of  secret browsers any of your datas will not be stored by the browser. When we consider secret browser it will not store your browsing history or anything like that.

Another feature of this app is it is also like an vault. That means when you install this app you can ae to see the calculator icon and it’s features in this app like some vault apps.Due to this feature anyone can’t able to identify that this is a private browser app. So that’s it.
You can also able to create a pin or use your fingerprint to unlock this app from calculator interface in this app. You just want to enter your pin number and press = . Then you will be opened to the provate browser of this app.
Try this app if you are interested with the features and also share your feedback regarding this app and it’s features.
See you tomorrow with another tech update


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