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screen recording app

screen recording app

Hi guys,today i would like to introduce an outstanding application for you. This application is a very useful one for all people who have many different types of professions. First of all let me describe the name of this application. It is ‘screen recording app’. By using this application you can able to screen anything that appear on the screen of your smartphone.

You may get many screen recorder application from playstore or from some websites. But this application is not like such type of applications. This application provide you many attractive features and it will really help you to record your smartphone’s screen very smoothly without losing it’s actual quality. That’s why I said that,this application is not like other screen recorder applications.


If you use this screen recording app. It will also provide many attractive features for you for record the screen smoothly without facing any problems.
This application also support the languages like english,spanish,french,turkish,portuguese,brazil,italian e.t.c.If you want to save the recorded video into sd card or to some other files. It can also done through this application without opening the file manager.
Another feature is,you can able to take screenshot while record the screen. This is the best feature of this application and it will help you to capture some important moments while recording the screen.
Another feature of this application is you can able to record the background of you using front and back cameras while recording the screen. That means,if you want to record your face with the screen,it can be done with the help of this application.
This application also support magic button that help you to pause. Play and show the recording duration also and with the edit overlay feature you can able to draw notes on screen while recording.


You can also able record sound of mic when record the screen and insert logo text and image. This screen recorder application also support day and night theme and shortcuts for the notification panel.
Anyway,these are the features of this application. If you would like to record your screen with high quality by enabling lot of attractive features. I recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.