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screen master : screen shot markup

Here a new updated application to make screenshot shot in powerful annotation method that is so called thing to develop extra services and happiness for it… which is encouraging one for all the best solution and readynes for anything by taking screenshot and related.. you will get annotation methods in adding extra features for enlarging it

Features and benefits
No rooting required,no restrictions on use the application.. you can access to this at any time… without any hesitation and bother…we will provide high quality video quality screen shot which is saved without any lose and support png support to realize it as mentioning one for all the best choice..you can simply manage and get a chance to overcome it for the best options

The main highlight is it has included variety of image annotation features and related things as matured due to this advantage..we added a web page to capture whole and also to save quickly as you know to be vigilant about the requirement and ethics and lastly it supports android 7.0 shortcuts and quick tile
Features in adding best regards and thanks

What is by screen master

Screen master is a free, easy to use,no rooting required screen shot and photo markup tool which will enlarge the application for anything…you can capture screen by touching the floating button or shaking device, less you take screenshot on your table.. phone or other android devices the easy way by fine quality to reverse the extra features and benefits for it…no need to add extra large production from any side

It has wide range of acceptance and advanced mode of happiness and prosperity for all the best choice…it has circle and more… let’s you easily edit and markup your screen shot and quickly share it with your friends to see maximum power of screen shot master effect… you will widely accept the range of honour and related things to do as per the requirement and ethics for you

That is why, please be our member by downloading and installing the application for the extra caraway of the application for the same way you needed to continue in widely accepted areas of the application…so please attempt to set it and useful method to transfer it for anything you need to convey it to other people


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