Hii… it is new arrival to the technology world to take screenshot in the attracting way.. which wil be more effective and more helpful to make it easy to take screenshot of your favourite content

It is best tool to take powerful screen shot with various image annotation methods it is absolutely right to maintain the elegant situation of your favourite content and favourite thing of it..to make more sense and related thing..so you will be get more comfortable and advanced.. you will be happy and extra satisfied when it is over look to to do it more effective

It’s a free,easy to use..no rooting required screenshot and photo markup tool with screen master, you can capture screen by touching the floating button or shake device..it lets you know more about the current situation of your device..and it is easy to take make advanced


It is necessary application in our current era we are all engaging with our activities and other features to prove it as a method to make it easy and variety one to capture the screen as per your side..it is very simple to manage and use it in the eve of devices..it lets you to take screenshot on your tablet.. phone or other Android device the easy way….

It provides you a plenty of advanced qualities and specifications to get more happiness and comfortable to do it.. the main theme of the application is no rooting required..no restrictions on use…and also it provides High quality screen shot which saved without any lose and support PNG support to take advantage on it..to make it so easy and simple one to manage screen shots as per the modern technology with high quality and advanced

So please kindly understand what are the qualities of the application and make a variety sensation to this application… that is why please download and install it for the better experience…nd and enjoy the more attention about screen shot on your device as per to make it so Vivid and attractive


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