Hi friends,today i introduce an awesome application for you.The name of the application is ‘HIDE SCREEN’.This application help you to hide your smartphone’s screen while it working. You can able to hide from your friends,how to save mobile phone battery. what you are doing in your smartphone.After install this application,the icon of this application will appear on top of your screen.After that when you touch on it your screen will be appear as a dark theme.So if anyone see that they can’t able to understand that your smartphone is working.Because it will appear normally as your phone become off.

super hide screen app

You can also stop this mode by double click on the screen.After you stop this option you can continue anything that you doing before enable this option.So this application is very easy to use.You can use this application while playing games or download anything.If you are in in a game play and you want to go to somewhere for a little time,you didn’t want to quit the ongoing game.You just touch on the icon of this application that seen on the top of your screen.how to save mobile phone battery. At that time a black them will appear and you can continue the playing after come back.You can also use this application as a ‘secret smartphone player’ while office time.

The main attraction of this application is working as ‘lock screen’ and ‘battery saving’.So iam sure that this application is a very useful one to use for everyone who use smartphone.
This application help you in many important situations.If you are doing an important work in your smartphone

At that time your friend come to see you.At that time you want to hide your work from your friend.For that this application will help you very well for that purpose.

You just tap on the icon of this application and the screen automatically disabled and act as a ‘lock screen’.So this is a very rare application that provide you this function.You can call this application as a ‘hide assistant’.

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