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Save your contact on google

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce a very important app. This is really an useful app for all smartphone users. This is a genuine app. Because this app is owned by the Google. We know that there are many default google apps in our smartphones. But this app is not a default app in our smartphones.

Google contact features

The name of this app is Contacts. Now you my understand that this app is related to contacts. There are many contacts in our smartphone. While saving contacts in smartphones majority people save in the sim card. While save contacts in the sim card and smartphone there is a chance to face a problem.

That means if your smartphone get damaged and you want to reset it you will lost the contacts saved in your smartphone if you didn’t copied it.Likewise if your sim card get damaged you will lose the contacts saved in particular sim card.

How to solve this problem This problem is really a headache. Because we will lose many important contacts in this issue.But you can easily able to overcome this problem using the contacts app of google.

You just want to select your google account while save a number in your smartphone.If you do like you will not lose the contacts saved in your google account.Once your smartphone or sim card get damaged you can easily able to recover the contacts that you saved in your google account by just login to the particular google account from any other smartphone.This is the use of contacts app of google. Try this app now and share your feedback.

See you soon with another tech update


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