Hi, friends welcome back to another tech update.. hope you are fine today I am going to introduce a glorious and advanced level of application that is salathuk …..it is absolutely designed for know the time of prayer and related..

This is a something special application… Which provides you a plenty of features and advantages you may avail what you want to be know on prayer time and related…it is something special sequence to be develop and credit it to be pointed…. you will inform the accurate time of prayer and related events on the display of the application while using the application…it is a word renowned application for the better experience on your favourite timing….

By using this application you will be also get the direction of Qibla to perform the prayer and related… this application supports a large prayer calculation methods adopted by many Muslim countries.depending on your location, the application chooses the appropriate calculation methods,fiqhi school and athan…how ever,if needed you can also change the prayer method manually in the settings tab or adjust prayer manually

It allows you to become a real slave of GOD by performing the prayer on the correct time…it inform you the correct timing of prayer and related…no eroor will be found on the way of acceleration…. you can enjoy the rhythm of the prayer as you wish on the correct time…by informing the actual time of prayer

We externmaly ensure highly recommend features of security….no one can to make an access to your device and application without your permission and consent… so that it is something special for you…it is so stunning and encouraged for you and your best one that is why please download and install it for the better experience of prayer timing

These are relavent information about above mentioned application..we hope you all got it well.. We are externally expect your valuable feedback comments and replays after installing this application..see you soon with next tech update.



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