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Pull me application

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce a very useful app for you. If you are a smartphone user i think you must need this app in their smartphone.So read this article to understand every details of this app.

Pull Me App

Pull Me App is the name of this app. I think you didn’t understand nothing about this app while you see the name of this app. But don’t worry. I wi help you to understand each and every details of this app.
This is a quick launcher android app. You Can able to use this app and it’s features for an amazing purpose. Fo you know what is that ? 

By using this app you can able to bring many inbuilt features in your smartphone to another place. We can also able to consider this app asa shortcut app. You Cana able to bring many apps and options into a single touch.You just want to tap on the app that you want open by touch on the shortcut app of this app.Different options in settings are also available in this panel. You can also add the shortcut of apps and features to this shortcut very easily.

One of the other attraction of this app is you Cana ali able to add web page to this shortcut panel.
So that’s it. This is the features of this app. Try this app and share your feedback.
See you again with another update


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