protect your mobile phone.We all are smartphone users.We use many types of locks like pin number,password,pattern and fingerprint to secure our smartphone.If we set a lock to our smartphone,anyone can’t able to open your smartphone.But,in some cases,someone among your friends or family members will try to unlock your smartphone by entering incorrect password or pin number.But they can’t able to open it.

The important problem is,we can’t able to understand their activity.But this application will help you.First of all I will introduce the name of the application.The name of the application is ‘LOCK WATCH’.This application will help you to find the people who will try to unlock your smartphone by entering incorrect password or pin number.protect your mobile phone
The method of working of this application is very simple.This application have so many attractive features.Firstly,install the application and activate it in your smartphone and give all permissions including a permission to send the notifications to your email.

After install this application in your smartphone,if anyone try to open your smartphone by entering incorrect password or pin number,this application will take a photo of them using your front camera.And the photos of the intruders will be sent to your email.So you can easily able to identify the person who try to unlock your smartphone.The another useful feature is,you will also get a e-mail that includes the location of anyone try to unlock your smartphone.

android mobile phone lock

This application already catch many smartphone thieves and help many people to recover their smartphone.This is a low size application.So anyone can easily able to install this application.This is a complete silent and invisible application.So the thief can’t able to understand that they are being recorded.
Each unlock attempt must be at least 4 digits.Then only,it will consider as an attempt.After entering the incorrect code wait at least for 10 seconds.Otherwise lock watch will cancel the email.

This application also have many premium features that will provide you many other attractive features.The first among them is,you will receive a e-mail when anyone will insert any sim card in your smartphone.And also,when the thief switch off your smartphone you will get a notification including the location of the smartphone when the smartphone become switch on.And the application will take multiple number of photos instead of capturing a single photo.It will also record the audio clip of a duration of 20 seconds using the phone’s microphone.

So these are the features of this application and it will really an useful one for all smartphone users.If you want to protect your smartphone from intruders,i recommend you to install this application.We introduce a number of applications on our website. Use it only at your own risk. Neither our searchjobz.com website will be liable for any adverse events caused by this.


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