Private screen shot is something different one to make screen shot and keep them privately to chat which can’t detect them anymore to develop the ideas and related as per the the customers and advanced one to make it very clear and elegant

This application will manage to make screen shot privately and to add with high quality one as per the items and other scientific modus to make this one as per the model activities as per the requirement and modern activities to make screen shot

This application doesn’t work with protected apps,like Netflix,chrome incognito,tor browser private telegram chat,banking apps etc..so that you will get black screen or just an error to make it very clear and useful one as per the something special one to make it very so that you will not much more worry about it

Privacy is important asper our our settings to settle the items and to make it very clear to avoid the unwanted items As per the requirement and regards to make it very much item to build As per the modern safty of the private sector to make it very clear and useful one to manage it very something special one to make it easy way and regarding the elementary one to make it so easy one ..

The screen shots of all files are saved into hidden directory…the app doesn’t broadcast any message about new screenshot…any other app can’t access screen shot direct.. only you can browse them, share or delete very much clear to make it very much as per the possible way

So please be aware and make sure this application in your device so that it will be so precious and valuable one as per your requirement and regards so please click the button and make sure it on your device and related things As per the possible items so that please be downloaded and use it… This will change your mindset…


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