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Power button shortcuts

Hello, welcome back. As you know we share many technological tips with you through this website. Among them the majority content are based on application tips. Likewise today also iam going to share an application and it’s awesome features with you. Iam definitely sure that this is a really useful feature for all smartphone users. That’s why we bring the review of this application for you. So read this article completely to understand each and every details of this application.


This is the name of this application. Are you get confused when see the name of this application. Don’t worry. Anyone can’t able to understand anything about this app through the name of this application. But don’t worry. We are here for introduce that.


Shortcuts are popular among the people. Here the shortcuts means shortcut in technology. But the inner meaning is same. We all know that there are many shortcut keys in computer. Likewise there is also some shortcuts in smartphones. Among them iOS shortcuts are popular.

Do you think that there is no shortcut features in Android smartphones ? If you think like that you are definitely wrong. Because Android smartphone also have short it’s for different purposes. If you didn’t know about that this application will help you very well to know more about shortcuts in Android smartphones.

This application will help you to create shortcuts for various functions in your smartphone. Some among them are given below.

1) Open camera application
2) Turn on / off flashlight
3) Play ( hear ) the current time
4) Record audio
5) Tasker tasks

These are the five different types of shortcuts provided by this application.

All these functions are belongs to the power key of your smartphone. That means you can able to control all these things with the power button of your smartphone.

For example, if you want to open camera application using shortcut method you can able to set it like open when you press power button for two times. Likewise you can able to set everything.

When this feature is become an useful one

Suppose if your smartphone’s screen get damaged or touch is didn’t work properly, you can able to use this application if you install it before your smartphone get complained.

So install this application now itself in your Android smartphone. If you install this application in your smartphone you can able to access above mentioned functions with the power button very easily.

So that’s all about this application. Install and use this application now and share your feedback with us.

See you soon with another tech update.


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