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Play Lite Application

Hi guys, today iam going to introduce an entirely different application for you. I said that it’s an entirely different app because you may not see and use such an app before. This is not an editing app or any apps that we introduced through this website. You will really get surprised while you understand more about the features of this app.

Before that you want to know the name of the app, right ? The name of this app is ” play lite”.
By using this app you can easily and quickly able to play any youtube videos in full screen or floating window mode. You just want to select the particular video that you want to watch or search it like you search in the youtube.

We can also able to call this app as a secondary youtube. Because you can able to watch all the youtube videos through this app.
This is a very light weight app and it’s below one mb. That means anyone who own a old type of smartphone having low internal storage can also able to install and use this app in their smartphone.
This app is also a very useful one while you have only a little data Balance. That means if there is only a low data balance available, you can able to play the video in low quality.

Play Lite Application

Sometimes you may use youtube fir playing songs and music. Such time, you doesn’t want to see the video. So you can able to hear and enjoy the song by play the video in low quality. This is also a very nice feature if this app.

The only difference between this app and youtube is you can’t able to see the description or comments of the video and it’s not important. Because the people who us this app app aim to watch the videos only by utilising a little data.

This app is an ad-free one. So continues ads will not interfere in the smooth watching of the video.So i think that this is really a useful app for many people who are search for this concept. So install this app and post your feedback after use the app.


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