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Hi friends,there are a number of very useful applications that you get from play store or from other websites.When you install an application in your smartphone,you must listen to select the best applications.So today I would like to introduce an outstanding application and i am sure that this application is really a useful one for all the smartphone users.
The name of the application is ‘IMAGE TO PDF CONVERTER’.I think that you will understand the function of this application when you see the name of this application.As you see in the name of the application,it will help you to change a image to pdf. This is not a easy task to convert a image into pdf without the help of an application.That’s why I introduce this application for you.
You may get many pdf converter application from play store and from some websites.But this application is not like other pdf converter applications.This application provide you many attractive and features that will help you to convert the images into a pdf very neatly and beautifully.

Now,i will describe how to use this application in your smartphone.First of all,install this application in your smartphone.After that open the application and click on the’+’ icon appear on the right side bottom of the screen to select photos to convert to pdf file.At that time give the permission to access the gallery to select the photos.
After selecting the photos,click on the pdf icon appear on the upper side of the screen to convert the images into pdf file.After the provide a name to the file and select the image compression.
This application also have one another attractive feature.That is you can also able to set a password to the pdf file to secure your pdf file.If you set a password to a pdf file,the pdf file will be open only after provide the correct password.If you complete all these steps,click on the ‘OK’ option to create a pdf file with images.
So these are the steps to create a pdf file with photos.If you want to create a pdf file by adding photos,i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.


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