The tech world is getting updated on each day. As a result many different types of updates are introduced. Likewise today iam going to introduce a very useful app for you. I think the features of this app may be strange to you. It is entirely different and really surprising.

Touch Lock Ad
This is the name of this app. I think you can’t able to recognise many more about this app when you read the name of this app. No worries. I will give you a brief of this Touch Lock Ad app.

Actually this is a lock app. But it’s not like others. We already used many different types of locks in our smartphones and we also know that all smartphones including android and iOS have default lock system like
Password lockPin lockPattern lockFace lockFingerprint lock
Among this password, pin and pattern lock are accessable for others also if they know yours password, pin or pattern.
But now onwards you can aslo able to prevent that using this app. The lock system provided by this app is entirely different. It’s touch lock. That means you can able to enable a touch lock on photos using this app.
This is really surprising, isn’t it ? Yes. Because this is really a cool feature. Do you want to know how to set up this feature in touch lock ad app.
First of all install this app using the given link. Then open the app and allow necessary permissions. After that select the photos provided by this app or choose any photo from the gallery of your smartphone. Then select four places of particular photo to set lock. Then confirm it. After that set a recovery pin and confirm it. It’s very simple.
How it works ?
It’s so simple. After you unlock your default lock this lock system will appear there. At that time tap on the place where you tap before to unlock. That’s it. So easy. But high security.
This is all about touch lock ad app. Try this app and share your feedback.See you soon with another tech update


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