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Once again welcome back to the world of amazing applications.Now a days there are somany attractive applications for many purposes.But today i introduce an entirely different application that have a awesome function.If you install this application you will really get surprised.

So let’s introduce the application.The name of the application is ‘NOTPAD-VAUL-APP HIDER’.NOTE PAD VAULT This application help you to hide anything that you want like .applications,photos,videos and documents e.t.c.In short,you can hide anything in your smartphone.

You can use this application without fearing about the security of your smartphone.If anyone took your smartphone and open it,they can see this application like a notepad application.That means,you can also use this application as a NOTE PAD VAULT application also.Now you have a doubt,how can you open this application?The answer is very simple.

You want to gave a pin number when you install this application.After that just open the ‘notpad’ application and type your pin number after or beginning of anything you type.At that time the real ‘NOTPAD-VAULT-APP HIDER’ will be open in front of you.You can also use an app for two times using this application.This is one of the attractive feature of this application.

Sometimes,there are some important photos and documents in our smartphone.We want to keep that safe.For that, I recommend you this application.Your privacy will must be protected through this application.You can also use this application as a launcher.That means if you gave the correct pin number and get into the application,you can able to see an another.

face of your smartphone which includes camera,video,and all other applications.You can use the camera normally.But if you select any other applications from your applist,you can use that particular application for twice.So this is a well suitable application to the people who would like to secure their smartphone usage.Now you understand that this application have two faces,notpad and vault.

So try this application for make your smartphone and it’s documents,photos,applications safe.

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