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Namaste Bharat application

Hi guys, all of you know that whatsapp bring many new privacy policies in the app. And the important point is all such new policies will interfere in the privacy of the users. Due to this problem people afraid that whatsapp may keep their details and it may be shared with the third party companies or use for any other such activities.
All the people use whatsapp many years due to the well privacy policy and end to encryption feature. They know that it will not be a intruder to their privacy.

But now it is a little bit serious. And that’s why many whatsapp users decided to leave whatsapp and try any other apps instead of whatsapp.
Here is a best app for that. One of the best thing about this app is, it is an indian app. The name of the app is ” namaste Bharath “.
This app also have majority features of the whatsapp like

? Text Messages
? Voice Call
? Video Call
? Send Voice messages
? Send photos and videos

This app also have the features like

? Conference
? Recent
? My Status
? Chats

In the conference section you can able to start
? A Group Chat
? Start A Conference
? Schedule A Meeting
? Blast A Message

You can see that this app also have the important features of whatsapp like status. The features like schedule a meeting is not there in the whatsapp. This app also have the location feature.
So if you want to uninstall whatsapp and use an alternative app, install and start using this app now.

click here to namaste bharath app

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